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“Building A Sustainable Future”

We are a Design-Build, all-service Veteran managed organization, that understands the meaning of having clearly defined mission statements: “Respecting the history, culture and natural environments of America, and the rest of the world”. All endeavors are deliberately designed to help create sustainable and environmentally friendly outcomes including all interrelated cause and effects, short and long term.

A Veteran's Project......... in Motion


JustBeGreen Developers

     JBG Developers has as its principle purpose to  develop, consult and provide management services to facilitate real estate development,  along with infrastructure and building construction in pursuit of the mission of JustBeGreen Villages America, and all  related endeavors of JustBeGreen World.  Our goal is to promote and preserve continuity throughout the JBG Villages America,  “Development Area.” JBG Developers  has the exclusive development rights for each foot-print component within the land plan. It also has the responsibility to review plans and consult with prospective investors and developers on all projects. This will  include the construction of end products and approval  or disapproval  of such plans, plus amend the same within the sole discretion of  JBG Developers, subject to local zoning and state economic development plans for the area.

JBG Developers is  a design and build  master builder organization that will provide all the integrated management and operational systems related to stated mission requirements. This includes the use of “LEEDS” certified Green building criteria and materials, the implementation of renewable and/or sustainable energy/power technologies plus developing a stand-alone sustainable energy sources on site and within the new structures. A main component of this GREEN philosophy will be the assimilation of local and social customs, beliefs and traditions into the overall strategic building/construction along with  planning, utilizing and training when necessary the local labor force. 

     Our green development teams have been assembled and directed on each project by project basis to maximize the best teams for the best results. These experts will provide the environmental building technologies that will help and support each of the individual footprint components, within JBG Villages America’s land plan. Our goal is to aid in creating green building structures that will provide healthy residences within all the elements of JBG Villages America.  As we establish our integrated working relations with each of the foot print component, in each local area, we will be introducing and building a zero or low energy-based work force housing for all levels while  providing the required infrastructures using the latest ”Green Technology.”  This Technology  will provide much cleaner water  qualities, roads, hazardous waste  disposal, building materials, cement products, recyclable and native materials.  

JBG Developers will be promoting people who demonstrate and practice a strong set of guiding principles for sustainability, based on stewardship and promoting economic justice whenever and wherever possible.

JBG Developers has the exclusive contract to develop all of the JustBeGreen Villages America’s construction project. JustBeGreen Developers will be a service organization  who will be providing assorted operational services projects in a variety of areas which includes:

  • Communications 
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Land Planning 
  • Project Development
  • Project Management
  • Engineering
  • Architectural Services

 Each development will be founded on shared principles which will always respect the history, the culture and most importantly the environments in each of its project locations. All the sub-contractors affiliated with JustBeGreen Developers will be people who want to build high quality, environmentally friendly projects that can be more environmentally healthier, more cost-effective and more sustainable than traditional development.

As we establish integrated working relations, the company will be introducing and building zero or low-energy housing, targeted to affordable house, as well as providing the required infrastructure including water, roads, waste recycling and more. 

                                                 Promoting Green Technologies

JustBeGreen Developers intends to duplicate cutting edge design standards and construction techniques that will allow the firm to deliver the highest standards of “green” building procedures, products, materials and diversified services. 

JustBeGreen Developers will be working with all its global partners to define and maintain the required cross-functional quality control issues for all of the JustBeGreen projects. 

JustBeGreen Developers will provide all the integrated management and operational systems necessary to fulfill stated mission requirements. This includes the use of “LEEDS” building criteria which will affect all materials used as well as the implementation of renewable and/or sustainable energy/power technologies.

                                           Our Responsibilities as Community Developers

       It is the intent of our design/build organization to create an Eco-mixed-use development that will set the standards for future developments around the world. We are building a proposed Four Star “Holistic Green Development” located in the beautiful State of Tennessee located in Morgan County. Our green project is bringing together the old and new concepts of Green Building Standards and applying the latest building technologies to the Just Be Green Villages development. Our Village America land plan will include all of its components which will be located on over 2000 beautiful acres located in scenic Morgan County, TN. 

     It is our goal to create a cross-functional purpose community, whereby each of its structured participants collectivity complement each other’s products, materials and services, creating the opportunity for a true reciprocity platform to function and thrive. As a result, all participants short and long term, can co-exist in a synergistic manner.   The philosophies of our management teams revolve around understanding how important it is for non-profit and for-profit social services and for healthcare modalities platforms that can integrate themselves into a strong sustainable economic foundation for each of its memberships. It is our intent to create a project umbrella that provides a clearly defined marketing strategy which recognizes each component’s system needs.

     Our approach is to attract segmented components within our land plan that will flow with a “best practice marketing strategy” for each specific product. We  intend  to create a marketing strategy that can take advantages of regional and national opportunities. Finally, a precautionary and preventive approach is an appropriate basis for decisions regarding material selection, design features, mechanical systems, infrastructure, and operations and maintenance practices.

                                                            Cause and effect of creating economic  sustainability

     The estimated economic impact of approximately a $200 plus million dollars investment, over a 7 to 10-year period will help create a positive change in the area.  JustBeGreen Villages will evolve into an integrated holistic and traditional service platform that will be defined as an environmentally sensitive village. JustBeGreen Villages will create non-polluting health care and hospitality jobs and establish multi-segmented service opportunities for local business markets. 

Establishing our proposed medical complex/facility/destination will help us create and support the required feasibility and/or economic foundations for the funding of the Lodge via our already established financial sources. This will help in the creation of our collective efforts to promote Agro , healthcare,  and educational tourism. The Cherokee Path health care products will give the area an economic lift by creating a sustainable economic platform for all participants.  The patrons and residents of JustBeGreen Villages will provide a new customer base for the local merchants and provide additional tax revenues for Morgan County.